Meet the Parks & Recreation Management Team

Led by Director Chris Tribble, we work hard every day to ensure everyone who visits a park, has an event at Legends Hall, spends a day in the Senior Activity Center, participates in our programs or athletics leagues, or works out at Champions Club has the best experience possible. We value all the time you spend with us and hope it creates some life-long memories for you. And if you haven't yet, come visit us! 

We're here if you have any questions or concerns. Please don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us. 

  1. Chris T

    Chris Tribble

    Director of Community Services

  1. David Miller - Website

    David Miller

    Deputy Director of Community Services

  1. Milenka Lopez - Website

    Milenka Lopez

    Assistant to the Director of Community Services

  1. Mike R

    Mike Reasoner

    Parks Manager

  1. Vicky Schiber - Website

    Vicky Schiber

    Community Relations Manager

  1. Ryan M new

    Ryan McGrail

    Recreation Manager

  1. Amy B new

    Amy Bennett

    Assistant Recreation Manager

  1. Crystal Maddalena - Website

    Crystal Maddalena

    Hospitality & Sales Manager