Field Closures

Field Closures Due to Inclement Weather

The City of Southlake provides municipal services that support the highest quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors. We do this by being an exemplary model of balancing efficiency, fiscal responsibility, transparency, and sustainability. 

The Southlake City Council has adopted the Policy for Provision of Athletic Facilities to ensure the most appropriate and operationally sustainable allocation of the City owned athletic facility assets. The policy guides the management and provision of the City's athletic facilities. 

City staff coordinates with each athletic association's field manager on a day-to-day basis related to field usage, scheduling, and maintenance requests.

Occasionally, there are seasons where we experience more rainfall than others. The City will continue to partner with each athletic association to assist them with their scheduling and rescheduling needs.

The City's goal is to open athletic fields for play when at all possible. We inspect each and every field, and make the call on a field-by-field basis as to whether they are playable or not. If there is a concern for participant safety and/or for the preservation of good playing surfaces, then the fields will be closed.

The City's Parks Manager or designee has the responsibility for closing fields. The decision of the Parks Manager or designee shall be final. 

During the week, field closure decisions are communicated online at, and on the City's Field Closure Line at (817) 748-8028. On weekends, only the Field Closure Line is updated.

The City and Athletic Associations the City partners with have agreed to the following procedures for inclement weather field closures:

  • Inspect athletic fields by 3:00PM
  • Make a decision based upon field condition or weather
  • List any closings on the City Field Closure Line (817) 748-8028 by 4:00PM
  • The website is updated Monday through Friday by 4:00PM
  • If the conditions are marginal, the field information may include a notice that such conditions are subject to change with updated notification by 4:00PM
  • After games have begun and inclement weather becomes a factor, association officials shall follow the same guidelines as City staff for deciding cancellation or postponement
  • If a final decision for the weekend is not possible at 3:00PM Friday, the Parks Manager or designee familiar with the athletic fields will monitor the weather and field conditions throughout the weekend and make decisions on field closure as needed
  • Inspect athletic fields by 7:00AM on Saturday and 10:00AM on Sunday (Note: Every effort will be made to ensure all fields are inspected by 7:00AM Saturday, and 10:00AM Sunday, however, due to the number of fields it may take longer depending on the specific situation)
  • The City Field Closure Line (817) 748-8028 will be updated by 8:00AM for Saturday games and 11:00AM for Sunday games. (Note: The website is only updated Monday-Friday)
  • Status for Saturday & Sunday afternoon/evening games may be reevaluated at 1:00PM and/or 4:00PM at the discretion of the Parks Manager or designee. The Field Closure Line will be updated accordingly.