Adult Outdoor Education

Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve Adult Education Classes are the perfect way to learn easy ways to make a big difference in your life and our ecosystem. We’ve partnered with TRWD and local Master Gardeners to make all our classes virtual this spring. All classes are free.

Join us in February as we honor Black History Month and the Jones family by sharing their incredible story. 

Person planting in garden

The Legacy of Bob Jones - February

The story of Bob Jones and his family is one of incredible perseverance. Learn more about the namesake of BJNCP and Bob Jones Park and the incredible role he and his family play in Southlake’s history. 

Learn more about the Jones Family.


Spring Vegetable Gardening - March 30, 6:00 pm

Growing food at home can be a rewarding experience. Well-designed vegetable gardens can be both efficient and productive. Learn about the best vegetable varieties to grow in North Texas, site preparation, planting times, common pests, and harvesting.

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Sustainable Living 101 - April 24, 10:00 am

A more sustainable and environmentally friendly life is important and surprisingly easy to begin! Learn how to start at home by implementing a variety of simple indoor and outdoor strategies for more earth-friendly living.

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Herb Gardening - May 4, 6:00 pm

Edible gardens can provide function and beauty in home landscapes. Growing herbs can add color, texture, and food to your garden. Learn about design options, soil preparation, plant selection, proper planting times, and harvesting.

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