Southlake Pickleball at Bicentennial Park

Many would argue that Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America. Similar to tennis, the Pickleball craze has hit Southlake. Recognizing the popularity and the demand for the sport, City Council, in March 2023, awarded a bid for the construction of a nine-court pickleball complex within Bicentennial Park.

Construction will start the week of April 17, 2023, with an estimated completion date of late fall 2023. The game of pickleball itself encourages people to get active, get out, and have fun and this facility will be the perfect place for that. Once completed along with plenty of space to socialize with friends and family, the complex will house eight pickleball courts, one championship court, restrooms, and a staff office. 

Pickleball Rendering 1

Project Background and Funding

The Southlake City Council adopted the Southlake 2035 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan at their June 15, 2021 meeting. Prioritized with the adopted plan was the construction of a new pickleball complex. The new $4.5 million complex will be funded by the Southlake Parks Development Corporation (SPDC) Capital Improvements Program. The SPDC administers the City's half-cent sales tax and applies it toward parks-related capital projects.  

Pickleball Rendering 2
Expanded Scope

Construction Information

This map shows you where the new Pickleball facility will be located within the park. The orange line indicates the route trucks will use to haul in supplies. The pink box indicates the only area of parking spaces that will be impacted during construction. That area will be the construction staging yard. 

Pickleball Construction Map