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May 29

You're engaged! Now what?

Posted on May 29, 2015 at 3:16 PM by Danielle Nelson

Engagement PictureYou are just now catching your breath over the fact that he proposed, and now you have to start planning! Not to mention, everyone you know and love will want to know all the details the second it is Facebook official. (Side note: Make sure you call your family members before making the top story on everyone’s social media feed!) 
The Marq Southlake wants to help you prioritize when it comes to checking things off the wedding to-do list. Do you know where you want to have your wedding? When? Which answer comes first? Don’t worry – we’re here to help! We’ve come up with the top five things that we think will help make your wedding planning just a little bit less stressful.

  1. Calendar. You and your partner should take a second (together) and come up with a calendar and time frame. Are there going to be any big events happening in the next year that could potentially conflict with your wedding date? Also, when looking at the calendar for your  possible wedding date – keep your options open by choosing more than one date that you will both be happy with. You don’t want to lose the venue your heart is set on just because you already picked a firm wedding day.  And how do you satisfy people’s questions about the wedding until the venue is chosen? Have a vague time of year in mind; such as next winter or early 2016. Thankfully, The Marq is a brand new venue, so you will have a wide variety of dates to choose from and hopefully marq one as yours!
  2. Style. Next, have you figured out you and your partner’s wedding style? For many of us, Pinterest has taken the reigns, but our wedding boards can become cluttered with differing themes, out-of-this-world destination venues, and too many DIY projects for us to handle. Take a second, close your eyes and picture your fantasy wedding. What you see will help you narrow down the style you’re looking for – outside, modern, vintage, casual, and start there! Take the time to check out wedding magazines and keep an open mind – you never know where you’ll find inspiration. You can also check out our Pinterest boards for some truly inspiring ideas.
  3. Budget and Guest List. Let’s face it, weddings can get expensive! The ideal way to create the best wedding for you and your loved one is understanding your budget and how family members may or may not contribute. Right after the proposal, a great option to consider is to open a wedding-dedicated savings account to place a set amount from every paycheck. Budgets can also influence the size of your guest list. When creating your guest list (after you’ve determined your budget of course), keep your venue or reception site in mind. Don’t try to squeeze 300 guests into an intimate-sized chapel and reception hall that is really ideal for 200 guests, and keep in mind guest count is the number one contributing factor to your budget! Thankfully, The Marq  has an open vendor policy, which can be a big money saver for your budget.  Hopefully you can save enough money on your catering costs so that you can purchase the dress of your dreams!
  4. Venue. Book your venue! This selection will influence all other options of your wedding such as colors, catering and your official wedding date. Bonus, when you sign your venue contract, you officially have your wedding date! Congratulations!        
  5. Hire a Consultant. If you two are a busy couple or are looking for a magnificent wedding that neither of you will have time to plan, consider hiring a professional. At The Marq, we will gladly point you in the right direction with our preferred vendor list to help you find a wedding planner or day-of coordinator who will help prepare and customize the day of your dreams.

Now that you’ve worked hard and crossed these pinnacle things off of your list, enjoy time with your partner and embrace every moment of your engagement! The Marq Southlake wishes you lots of love and best of luck in wedding planning.