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May 29

Rain, rain, go away, come any day but today - tips for handling rain on your wedding day!

Posted on May 29, 2015 at 3:16 PM by Danielle Nelson

Wedding Couple in the RainWhen it rains it pours, and this spring it has rained a lot in Texas, I mean - A LOT; 23 out of 29 days this May alone! While all this rain is good for the lakes, it can definitely put a damper on your perfect wedding day. Luckily a rain shower or even a monsoon doesn’t have to dampen your big day - as long as you’ve prepared and planned for the worst you’ll be okay!

  1. Always have a back-up plan: If you plan to host the ceremony or reception outside, does your venue have a back-up plan for inclement weather? Are you charged an additional rental fee to use a different space than originally planned? If the weather forecast the day of your wedding looks like rain, and your chosen venue DOES NOT have an adequate back-up plan you should have all local tent rental companies on speed dial and be prepared to pay a premium! Luckily at The Marq Southlake we want to minimize your stress in any way we can – we DO have a back-up plan, and we WILL NOT charge you an additional rental fee for moving your ceremony and/or reception inside! It's great knowing you can plan that beautiful outdoor ceremony without a care in the world at The Marq!
  2. Plan for frizzy hair: With rain comes humidity, if you’re worried about out-of-control frizz or your style going flat, maybe consider relaxed curly hair with a crown of flowers, a loose fishtail braid or even a messy bun. These styles are on trend, romantic and perfect for battling wedding day hair disasters.
  3. Be flexible with your timeline: Be prepared for the day’s events to not progress as you originally planned. Be ready to adjust your schedule on the fly - If you’re lucky and it stops raining during the reception; plan on popping outside to grab a few pictures. Also, keep in mind that your guests and vendors may get delayed; be open to delaying your ceremony start time to allow everyone to be in place.
  4. Buy lots of umbrellas & use them creatively: Try passing them out as guest favors, using them as props at a photo booth or, like a romantic scene right out of a chick flick, ask your photographer to snap some pictures with the rain falling around you and your new hubby.

Keep in mind that even if your wedding day is a rain soaked disaster there are some good points to the rain; some cultures believe a rainy wedding day symbolizes fertility and the cleansing of your past. And finally, remember that the rain is good luck, signifying that your marriage will last. So I say, embrace the rain!

For additional tips on surviving a rainy wedding day, please visit our Pinterest account.