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Southlake Public Art showcases the culture, look, and feel of Southlake, the City’s public art collection is an integral part of what makes up the city’s charm. One can travel throughout the City and find public art proudly displayed in open spaces, intersections, key gateways, key destinations, and roundabouts. Throughout the years, the City of Southlake has developed a remarkable collection of public art and has consistently invested in routine maintenance and conservation of those assets.

The Southlake public art collection has always been a staple in the community. It tells a story about the City’s history, artistic style, and residents. With the continued expansion of the public art collection, the Southlake Arts Council has worked diligently implementing the City’s public art initiatives through Southlake Public Arts Programs.

The Southlake City Council and the Southlake Arts Council have been working together for years to cultivate the Public Arts Programs. The program is designed to enhance the cultural life of the community through the arts. The City Council and Arts Council came together to present the virtual video tour showcasing some of the City's most recent public art additions. Southlake City Council appointed the Southlake Arts Council for the arts council to advise on art-related matters and align all the public art initiatives. Resources for programs are granted through the Public Art fund and partnerships with arts organizations and community groups that bring art-related programming to the community.

The City’s first public art pieces were placed in 2008. Since that time, many more pieces have been carefully added with vision and guidance correlating with the City’s Public Art Master Plan, which explains the City's future strategy, how the Hotel Occupancy Tax supports it, and the program's rich history.  

​Experience Southlake's public art and let us know what you think!

Recent Additions

Bob and Almeady Jones Statue

Bob & Almeady Jones Sculpture

The City’s public art collection is ever-expanding, enhancing the City’s landscape. For example, the public art collection recently added a sculpture of Bob and Almeady Jones in the Bob Jones Park. The sculpture, approved by the City Council in November 2020, is a tribute to the Jones family. Read more about the Bob and Almeady Jones sculpture. 

Park Village


The City has installed a new water feature at Park Village that boasts the latest public art piece as part of the new structure. The Southlake Arts Council were the visionaries for the new art piece, planning for a contemporary sculpture that portrays flight since the property is the former site of an airstrip. The Arts Council worked with an Arkansas-based artist, Hunter Brown, to create the piece titled, "Take-Off." The art piece is a modern stainless steel sculpture design, composed of twisting and turning forms that ascend upward, intersecting and jutting through space. Although the design is abstract, the movement of the forms exhibits an aeronautical feel. Each form twists and similarly tapers across the sky to flight maneuvering. The cantilevered balance, delicate joineries, and asymmetrical composition gives the piece a gravity-defying feel and pushes the aviation theme. The relationship and orientation of each form create drastically different compositions from different perspectives, making the piece transformative. The scale of the piece is large but not overpowering for the space. The piece extrudes into the sky, which pushes creates a dramatic effect by using the skyline as its canvas. Funding for the artwork came from a public investment agreement with the property owner that uses sales and property tax from the development. Read more about the new public art at Park Village.

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