Parks & Recreation Department Overview


It is the mission of the Southlake Parks & Recreation Department to provide and support abundant, safe and well maintained park land and trails; offer progressive social and cultural opportunities; provide books, materials and services to residents in their pursuit of information; and implement recreational and educational programs that collectively enrich the lives of all patrons.

Parks & Recreation Management Team

  1. Chris T

    Chris Tribble


  2. Candice Edmondson

    Candice Edmondson

    Deputy Director

  3. Kate M

    Kate Meacham

    Deputy Director

  4. Cassie Tucker

    Cassie Tucker

    Assistant to the Director

  5. Jenni L

    Jenni Lanier

    Community Relations Manager

  6. Linda C

    Linda Carpenter

    Administrative Secretary

  7. female

    Janie Ocampo

    Office Assistant