Street Tree Program

The City of Southlake's Street Tree Program provides citizens with quality shade trees to be planted within the right-of-way areas of streets and corridors throughout the City. The trees are intended to provide shade, screening, wildlife protection, pollution control, reduction of water runoff, soil erosion control, increased property values, reduced stress, and a sense of well being within the community.

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Keep Southlake Beautiful

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Program Details

  1. Limited quantities of each of the four (4) varieties listed below are available on a first come, first served basis.
  2. One tree per Southlake household. All sales are final; no refunds offered.
  3. All purchased trees must be maintained and cared for by the property owner. The nursery is not responsible for the maintenance of the tree once the tree has been planted.
  4. The tree will be transported, delivered and planted by the nursery in the spring.
  5. A flag will be placed to indicate where the nursery will plant the tree. City staff will meet with you to determine the planting location within the specified guidelines:
    • Must be planted in the City right-of-way, or with permission of the Landscape Administrator, in medians within the right-of-way or within the right-of-way along common greens. Generally, the right-of-way is 8 to 10 feet from the edge of the curb. 
    • May NOT be planted further than 20’ from the back of the curb.
    • Cannot be planted within 35’ of a street corner, within 10’ of a fire hydrant or directly under any overhead power lines.
    • Irrigation systems must be operation and marked by property owner.
    • Once location has been marked by our staff it cannot be changed.
    • This program does not provide removal/disposal of any trees.

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Available Varieties

Chinese Pistache

Chinese PistachePistacia Chinensis: The Chinese Pistache is a fast-growing shade tree with red, yellow and orange fall colors. Young pistaches have a unique-looking branching pattern but fill out within a few years. They are easily grown in any well-drained soil and are very drought tolerant. The Chinese Pistache can grow to 50' tall and up to 50' wide.

Lacebark Elm

Lacebark ElmUlmus Parvifolia: The Lacebark Elm is a deciduous shade tree that can grow up to 50' high and 40' wide. It is a very fast grower with an upright and spreading form. It has yellow fall color and is drought tolerant but can also stand moist soil. Its most distinctive characteristic is its mottled trunk bark, which is gray, pink and light green in color.

Live Oak

Live OakQuercus Virginiana: The Live Oak is a spreading evergreen shade tree with small glossy leaves and dark brown acorns. It is easy to establish in almost any soil and comes in both single and multi-trunk form. Without pruning, this tree has a dense branching pattern and can sometimes be hard to maintain. Once well established, it is relatively drought tolerant.

Shumard Oak

Shumard OakQuercus Shumardii: The Shumard Oak is a native fast-growing deciduous shade tree. It can grow to over 80' tall and 80' wide. It is very drought tolerant once established and has outstanding crimson fall color.

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Order a Street Tree

Residents can purchase a street tree October 1 – December 31 through the Parks and Recreation online registration portal or at the Community Services office located in Champions Club, 285 Shady Oaks Drive.

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  1. Janie Ocampo

    Recreation Operations Assistant