Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve

The BJNCP was established to give people a unique opportunity to explore the Cross Timbers ecosystem. The nature center is surrounded by more than 700 acres of Cross Timbers habitat with more than 20 miles of hiking trails. The center encourages visitors to look for creatures in their natural habitats and enjoy the world around them.  

About the Nature Center

In the spring of 2008, the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve opened, surrounded by almost 758 acres of Cross Timbers habitat with over 20 miles of hiking trails available on the Nature Center grounds and on or near the Walnut Grove National Recreation Trail. Visit the Nature Center and walk along the Bluebird Trail or use the Nature Center as the entry point to miles of the Walnut Grove National Recreation Trail (U.S. Army Corps of Engineer land) which surrounds the Preserve. The Walnut Grove National Recreation Trail is also accessible at several points along White Chapel Boulevard and near the end of E. Bob Jones Road. Hikers remember to wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the season and to always bring water. 

The Cross Timbers ecosystem consists of a swath of trees and prairie land stretching from present-day Kansas and Oklahoma and to just north of Waco, Texas along the Brazos River. The region represents a boundary between the forests of eastern North America and the southern Great Plains. The Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve is located in the eastern band of the Texas Cross Timbers which consists of two parallel strips of forest region extending southward from Oklahoma into Texas.

Please be aware that while we do love your furry dog friends they are not currently allowed at the Nature Center and Preserve. 

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