Group Fitness


Get ready to train like a Champion!

Champions Club will offer over 50 group fitness programs each week, so you're sure to find one you love. All basic group fitness classes are FREE with membership, and members receive a 20% discount on all premier group fitness programs. Basic classes include spin, Pilates, yoga, water aerobics and more! 

Class Schedule coming soon!

Basic Classes

Power Cycle, Cycle & Tone, Cycle Adventure, Spin & Stretch, Step, Fit Fun & Water Aerobics, Total Body Workout, Strength Foundations, Muscle Pump, Powerful Vinyasa, Vinyasa 1, Strength Flow, Yoga Stretch, Yin Yoga, Yoga Core, Pilates, Piyo, Awake and Meditation, Tai Chi, Water Tai Chi

Premium Classes

  • Metabolic Muscle: uses high-intensity intervals and full-body movements to torch fat. 
  • Tabata Mash: low-impact class that builds endurance through short, high-intensity intervals.
  • Corporate Sweat: incorporates partner-focused sessions with cardio, strength and rest. 
  • Get Fit Boot Camp: gives you the results of an hour-long gym session in a fun 30-minute class. 
  • Booty Boom Camp: mixes HIIT-style cardio with weight training for a killer full-body workout. 
  • Small Group Training: lets you enjoy a more individualized workout in a fun and supportive class atmosphere. 
  • TRX Spin: combines cycling and TRX suspension training to burn fat and build muscle.