Member Appreciation

We love our members here at Champions Club! To show our appreciation, we offer fun events, activities, challenges, and more to our members each month. Check out the schedule below to see what's coming up this month--we hope you'll join us!

Member Appreciation is for all Champions Club members. Interested in joining Champions Club so that you can be a part of the fun? Click here for more information.

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Member MondayMember Mondays

Members can enjoy fresh, free snacks and beverages in the lobby every Monday! While supplies last!

  • December 5th - 4:00pm

  • December 12th - 10:00am

  • December 19th- 7:00am

  • December 26th - 12:00pm

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Kids Night Out at Champions ClubKids Night Out

Kids Night Out has become one of our most popular member perks! One Friday night each month, our guest services team provides an evening of fun and games for kids ages 5-11 giving parents the night off to plan a date night, or just relax and enjoy some time to themselves. Best of all, this program is FREE for members! It's no wonder registration fills up super fast every month. Registration opens on the 1st of each month.

  • December 9

Click here for registration.

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Super Member

family on beach and with race medals

The Lloyd Family

"While last year my daughter and I used the pool, sauna, and indoor track to prepare for the Honolulu marathon, this year it was mostly just the pool.  Celia, age 12 at the time (now 13 and at CMS) and I swam the 2+ mile open ocean swim in the "Beach to Beach" power swim on the island of St. John.  Momma and youngest daughter Sarah did the 1-mile swim.  We all trained at the Marq, and it helped to get us all across the finish line!

Sarah, age 9 and a student at Walnut Grove, recently ran the Hot Hatch Chili 5k in Southlake and won first in her age division.  Guess where we trained... the Marq!  :)"

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