Champions Club Facility Guidelines

All guests visiting the facility are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times while participating, spectating or attending any program, event or meeting.

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This includes programs, events, and meetings that may or may not require an admission fee, spectating at athletic events, and special event attendance. The following rules are in place to ensure guests’ safety and satisfaction while enjoying Champions Club:

  • All entrants to Champions Club must check in with Guest Services.
  • Members must scan their membership card or manually check in with Team Member.
  • Non-members must purchase a day pass, be registered for a class, or present a free guest pass to use the facility.
  • Parents or caregivers of participants in a class, visitors for facility rentals, and spectators for sports leagues may enter the facility but will not have access to facility amenities without a membership or day pass.
  • Guests need to help maintain a family atmosphere by showing courtesy and respect to all guests and facility Team Members.
  • Proper attire and footwear must be worn in all areas of the facility. Gym shorts, t-shirts, and/or sports bras are acceptable. Non-marking closed-toe athletic shoes are required in all fitness areas. Proper swimming attire is required for aquatic areas. The City of Southlake reserves the right to define inappropriate attire when necessary.
  • No guest shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety, health, or well-being of themselves, Team Members, other guests, or the facility. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, may be grounds for expulsion.
  • Guests shall take direction from all facility Team Members.
  • Guests playing music must utilize headphones unless authorized.
  • Guests utilizing facility equipment are responsible for its undamaged and timely return.
  • No horseplay or misuse of equipment or of the facility will be permitted.
  • Champions Club is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • All injuries on premises must be reported immediately to a Team Member.
  • Pets are not permitted with the exception of active service animals of our guests and pet-related events.
  • Smoking, electronic cigarettes, or use of any tobacco product is prohibited except in designated areas. The use of alcohol and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited on the premises of the facility.
  • Admission to Champions Club may be denied for the following reasons: suspected being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, evidence of contagious disease, and any person deemed detrimental by management to the safety of themselves or others.
  • Glass containers are prohibited.
  • Loitering is not permitted.
  • Any group wishing to host an organized event must receive advance written approval.
  • Only Champions Club Team Members, authorized instructors, and personal trainers performing within the scope of their duties may train or instruct guests. No unauthorized personal trainers, instructors, coaches, or physical therapists are allowed to use Champions Club to train or instruct guests.
  • You may not solicit in person or in writing on the premises. The City of Southlake retains sole discretion to determine whether a member or guest is engaged in soliciting.
  • Team Members reserve the right to remove anyone from the facility who is found in violation of the above rules or is otherwise disruptive to other guests.
  • A member or guest who violates established rules, policies, or procedures is subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

Champions Club Member Guide

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