Safely Visiting Senior Activity Center

Welcome Back Seniors

Welcome Back Seniors! We are so glad to see you back at Senior Activity Center. Our number one goal is to play our part in helping to keep our community, our guests, and staff safe. With that in mind, we are committed to reopening with a carefully planned and phased approach. Each of us will play an important role in making the Senior Activity Center a safe experience for us all. Please take the time to sign our updated waiver here.


Keeping You Safe

We will be taking a comprehensive approach as we continue to follow stringent sanitation protocols for proper disinfection, operation, and maintenance. We will also be adding additional procedures to achieve a new level of cleanliness at the Senior Center and Legends Hall. The most visible measures you will see when you enter is a sneeze guard on the front desk and staff wearing face masks. 

cleaningFacility Sanitization

  • Weekly deep clean and sanitization
  • Increased cleaning and sanitization in high traffic and vulnerable population areas

 Enhanced Procedures

  • Staff members are participating in ongoing training on cleaning protocols.
  • All staff will take part in regular cleaning of public areas

Self-Cleaning Stations hand sanitizer

  • Hand-sanitizing stations are conveniently located throughout the facility.

Bringing Things From Home

  • Please remember to disinfect any items you bring into the Senior Center before entering and leaving.

social distanceOccupancy Changes

  • We have reduced the number of people who will be able to be in some of the more popular areas in order to accommodate physical distancing.


Safety Measures at Senior Activity Center

As we navigate the reopening of the Senior Center, there will be some new things during each phase. Amenity access and programming will change as we move through our phases of reopening. We are excited to see you all and continue to exercise caution for everyone’s safety and well-being.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility as we reopen and begin programs.

Senior Center Lounge and Cafe:

  • The Senior Center Lounge and Cafe is open for our senior members with physical distancing protocols in place.
  • No coffee and refreshments will be provided at this time. Guests may bring their own.

Fitness room and Parlor:

  • The fitness room will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis with physical distancing.   Members are recommended to bring their own water bottles.
  • The parlor is open during business hours at members’ discretion.
  • Disinfectant sprays are readily available, and guests are encouraged to use them prior to and after utilizing the amenities.

Curbside Lunches:

The following programs will continue to be curbside and require advance registration until further notice:

  • Monday’s Metroport Meals On Wheels (MMOW) prepackaged Meal program
  • Senior Activity Center’s outdoor special events and celebrations

Fitness Classes, Games and Special Programs:

Group fitness classes will be available in phase 2.  Participants will not be required to wear masks during the class. Class size and participation is limited. Room will be set up for physical distancing.  All programs will require advance registration requirements, preferably online or in person.

Indoor congregated special programs, card games and events will be offered at a later phase. Staff will be offering alternatives outdoor programs where members can socialize safely.

For the latest information on COVID-19 and how to remain safe, please visit