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April 1st - May 14th, 2023

Are you ready to get moving? Join Team Southlake for the second annual Fit City Challenge where we compete with the City of Keller and the City of Colleyville to prove we have what it takes to claim the title of Most Fit City 2023! Over the next 6 weeks, we will challenge you to be physically active, focus on your well-being, and work with your fellow citizens to move Southlake to the top of the leaderboard!

As a challenge participant, you will have the opportunity to have fun while getting active, improving your health and well-being, and qualifying for prizes!

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Let's Get Started!

Follow these steps to register.

1. Download the free GoJoe app on your mobile device.

>>Click here to download through the Apple App Store.

>>Click here to download through the Google Play Store.

GoJoe app
2. Create a free account.

3. Join Team Southlake.

From the Discover tab (the main feed), tap the button that says "Got a code?" and enter our team code south27394 to join Team Southlake.Image of a button that says Got a code? Enter it here.

4. Find the Challenge Page

Once you join Team Southlake, you're automatically enrolled in the challenge. Navigate to the "Challenges" tab to find the Fit City Challenge page where you can find all the specifics and track the leaderboard.

5. Get Moving!

There are 40+ sports/activities to choose from. Do as many activities as you can during the challenge. Add them manually, or sync a wearable activity device for an even smoother syncing experience.

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Need More Help?

Check out these videos.

How to Sign Up for the Fit City Challenge through the GoJoe app

How to Sync Your Wearable Fitness Tracker with the GoJoe App

How to Log Activity in the GoJoe App without a Wearable Fitness Tracker

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How the Challenge Works

The goal for this challenge is for Team Southlake to achieve the highest average point total. The easiest way to do that is simple...go out and be active! Whether it's walking the trails of Bob Jones Nature Center or dominating the pickleball courts at Champions Club, you're invited to commit to a more active lifestyle for 45 days!

The challenge is based on a "most points" model where participants exercise on their own but are not alone. Your solo workouts count for the team via the GoJoe app. Each activity generates points, weighted by activity type to level the playing field. 

GoJoe automatically allocates points via the app. Point values are based on either the distance or duration. Click here to download a list of point conversions for various activities.

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How Teams are Ranked

Teams are ranked by the average number of points for all members of that team. This means that you and your teammates points will directly affect the score of the entire team, which is why encouraging your teammates to stay active throughout the challenge is so important! The leaderboard will default to team rankings, but you can see how you rank as an overall individual or as an individual on your team by selecting a new view under the options menu.

Prizes, prizes, and more prizes!

Each week there will be a random participant drawn from each team to win a weekly prize! At the end of the challenge, the individual with the most points on each team will win a prize! In the case of a tie, the participants will be put into a drawing and the winner will be chosen at random.

The team that finishes the challenge with the most points will be crowned the Fit City Challenge Champions!

Prize for Overall Challenge Winners

At the end of the challenge, the individual from each team with the most points will be crowned the overall challenge winner for their city and will receive a Theragun!

Fit City Celebration

Team Southlake Contact
E-mail: Jake Coldren
Phone: (817) 743-8905