Champions Club Rental Policy

General Rental Policies - Customers may make Champions Club reservations online or in person. Customers must request all party packages and after hours reservations (i.e. Champions Club Lock-In, Full Facility Rental, etc.) at least fourteen (14) days in advance. Customers must make online reservations, other than for party packages, at least seven (7) days in advance. Champions Club facility reservations, excluding after hours reservations and Party Packages, do not require advance notice. Reservations shall not be made more than one hundred eight two (182) days in advance. 

Rental deposit and all fees are due at the time of reservation with the exception of after-hours rentals. 

Renter and guests are limited to use of only the space(s) specified within the rental agreement. Rental of space does not provide access to Champions Club amenities, day pass purchase or Champions Club membership required for each guest to access amenities.  

Rental time includes set-up and tear down of the event. All guests are required to check in at the desk upon entering the facility. Guests will be asked to wait in the lobby until the start of the rental. The gates along the Outdoor Turf are not facility entry points. Any rentals who allow guests through the gates may lose their rental deposit and future rental privileges.

Following the event, the facility should be left in the same condition or better than the condition for which it was found in. Uses of tape, nails or other items that may damage the walls of the facility or premises are prohibited. 

Champions Club staff reserves the right to terminate an event if it is deemed detrimental to the safety of renters or others and/or as a result of a Champions Club rule violations.

Only Champions Club Team Members, authorized instructors and personal trainers performing within the scope of their duties may train or instruct guests. No unauthorized personal trainers, instructors, coaches or physical therapists are allowed to use Champions Club to train or instruct guests. 

Champions Club After-hours Rental Payment Schedule - Deposits are due at the time of reservation. Fifty percent (50%) of the rental fees are due thirty (30) days after the reservation. One hundred percent (100%) of the rental fees are due thirty (30) days prior to the rental.

Reoccurring Reservations - Reservations shall not be made for more than four (4) consecutive days in a seven (7) day operation spam. Reservations are only permitted to occur up to three (3) consecutive weeks on the same day, time and location. At least one (1) week must be left vacate to leave space for other reservations between consecutive rentals.

Damages- In the event of damages or rental time overages, the City shall apply the deposit to the applicable charges. For damages totaling greater than the deposit amount, the City shall bill the customer for the remaining balance. 

Rental Refunds & Transfers - To request a change to your rental please contact us at (817) 748-8955 or In the event of cancellation by customer, deposits are refundable. For Champions Club rentals, the City shall calculate the amount of the refund due to the customer as a percentage of the original rental and related charges for the event based on the number of days the customer submits the refund request prior to the date of the scheduled event:

a.    0 - 7 days   - 0% refunded;

b.    8 - 14 days - 50% refunded; or

c.    15 or more days - 100% refunded.

For transfers, the customer shall schedule the reservation at the time of the transfer request, which shall occur within six (6) months of the original event date. Only one cancellation/transfer request shall be allowed per original reservation. Therefore, a reservation shall not be transferred and then cancelled and receive any refund amount. To qualify for a transfer: 

1.    For party package reservations, customers shall submit the transfer request ten (10) business days prior to the event day.

2.    For facility rentals, customers shall submit the transfer request three (3) business days prior to the event day.

3.    For party add-on adjustments, customers shall submit all adjustments seventy-two (72) hours prior to the event date.