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Sep 23

Budget savers for today’s tech-savvy bride

Posted on September 23, 2016 at 5:22 PM by vschiber vschiber

The millennial generation of weddings is in full swing now, with Generation Z not far behind. Brides of the Z generation would be hard-pressed to recognize the sound of dial-up internet, and technology is interwoven into every aspect of their lives - from smart phones to tablets they’re always plugged in! The Millennials and Generation Z are full of tech-savvy brides who are beginning to use the resources found in the abundant amount of technology that surrounds us on a daily basis to cut back on mounting wedding expenses. Here are some of my favorite ways technology is helping keep budgets realistic are:

  1. Rent your bridesmaid dresses. Let’s be real, after the wedding day the dresses your bridesmaids wear will at best make it to hanging indefinitely in their closet – or like my recent bridesmaid dress still at the bottom of a laundry hamper from November. Why not look to online dress rental services in lieu of your girls adding yet ANOTHER dress to their closets ala “27 Dresses” style? With most of these online websites, you pick the dress months in advance. Then, two weeks prior to your wedding your girls will receive their rented dresses via mail.
  2. Cut your guest list and stream your wedding ceremony. You can use sites such as USTREAM to live stream your vows. This is great for not only you - less guests to feed filet mignon at the reception, but also for your invited guests. Those who want to attend the wedding yet can’t afford the travel expenses can still see you say "I do" on your special day. It’s a win, win!
  3. Ditch what’s conventional and pick digital invitations. Do you love the look of gold foil invitations, but cringe at the high cost? To save your budget, opt for a graphic designer via websites like Etsy or Wedding Paper Divas to design digital versions of the invitations you love, and then print them at home. Or, if you’re not picky about the design of the invitations there are websites like Wedding Chicks that offer predesigned FREE digital wedding invitation suites to customize and print at home. Want to save even more money? Skip the price of postage and go completely digital. Find your dream design online at sites such as Paperless Post.
  4. Choose online RSVPs. Can’t skip the dream invitations, but still want to be budget friendly with your wedding stationary? Have your guests RSVP on a wedding website you create or an app in lieu of the standard reply card. These sites and apps are great because they’re not only budget friendly, but cut out the step of guest list tracking leaving you more time to spend with your fiancé!
  5. DIY your wedding video. Do you have friends and family you trust and have a good eye for capturing life’s moments on film? If yes – opt to save money on your wedding video using sites like wedit and iDOcam. These companies mail you small video cameras the week of your wedding. Then, you have dedicated wedding guests capture your big day. After the wedding you mail the cameras back to them. They edit the raw video, and deliver a professionally edited video of your wedding back to you! You’ll have a digital copy of your special day at a fraction of the cost!

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