What exactly is in Champions Club?

Champions Club has over 82,000 square feet of fitness, aquatic and fun amenities! Check out our amenities page for a full list of what you can expect as a member of Champions Club.

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1. What are the hours of operation for Champions Club?
2. Do I have to be a member of Champions Club to use the facility?
3. Do you have to be a resident of Southlake to purchase a membership or day pass at Champions Club?
4. How much are memberships?
5. Do Southlake residents receive a discount on memberships to Champions Club?
6. What are the age ranges for membership purposes?
7. What is the definition of family for membership purposes?
8. What is the definition of corporate for membership purposes?
9. What exactly is in Champions Club?
10. Do you offer child watch?
11. Can I host a party at Champions Club?
12. What if I have a large group interested in coming? Do you offer group rates?
13. Is there a discount for guests who are not going to participate at the facility?
14. How do I join the team at Champions Club?
15. Is the facility called The Marq Southlake or Champions Club?
16. Your FAQs were great! But I still have questions...