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Strokes of Art in the Square People's Choice Award

  1. Welcome

    Thanks for taking a minute to vote for the Art in the Square People's Choice Award. Please select your favorite from the list below. 

  2. Artists


  3. Steven Dragan "Italy #6"
    Watercolor painting of horses racing in city
  4. Bobby Goldsmith "Approaching Storm"
    Drawing of night sky
  5. Curt Baldwin "The Saxton"
    Oil painting of boat
  6. Prince Duncan Williams "Mask"
    Fiber painting
  7. Rick Wright "Sister of Icarus"
    Oil paiting of woman
  8. Niki Gulley "Sunny Outlook"
    Oil Painting of Sunflowers with a blue sky
  9. Niki Gulley "Emerging Brilliance"
    arcylic painting
  10. Scott Williams "Illumination"
    Photograph of green coastline
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