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Memorial Tree Donor Information

  1. The Memorial Tree Program allows Southlake residents to commemorate a loved departed person through the purchase of a memorial tree to be planted within a City-owned public park.

    When will the tree be planted?
    Applications are open year-round, but trees are only planted annually during the months of February and March.

    Where will the tree be planted?
    The Community Services Department will determine the tree's location within the designated park. Trees must be planted where irrigation is available.

    Who takes care of the tree?
    The City of Southlake Parks Division will plant and maintain the tree. If the tree dies within the first two years of planting, the City will replace it with a new tree.

    Can I decorate my tree?
    Public commemoration displays, burial of ashes or objects, additional plantings, flowers, decorations, etc. at or near the memorial tree area will not be permitted.

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